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Shabbat at Har Shalom

Our doors are open to all who seek to worship, learn, and serve the community.

Services at  Congregation Har Shalom are a learning experience.  During the service members of the Minyan are encouraged to raise their hand if they have a question regarding the structure of the service, the meaning of a prayer, the interpretation of the Torah portion or a comment regarding the practice of Judaism.


Our goal is to broaden the understanding of Judaism.  And through better understanding establish each individual’s relationship with G-d.  Join us to experience our interactive service.  Come learn with us.

  • Kabbalat Erev Shabbat Service at 6:30pm 
  • Torah Study Shabbat at 9:00am 
  • Shabbat Morning Service 10:15am (10:00am for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Services)

Virtual Services: All services are offered virtually through Zoom. Torah Study on Saturday mornings is only offered virtually. 

In-person Services: Once a month, we offer in-person Friday evening Kabbalat Erev and Saturday morning Shacharit Shabbat services. The in-person dates are listed below: 

Friday Erev Shabbat (6:30pm)

December 10 March 25
January 14 April 8
February 18 May 13




Saturday Shabbat (10:00am)

December 11 March 5
January 22                            April 30
February 12 May 14 (Bat Mitzvah)


Please note: To attend services in person, you must be fully-vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination. 

Shabbat Jr.

Shabbat Jr. is the perfect Friday evening Shabbat service for families with young children. Meeting once per month from 5:15-6:15pm, Shabbat Jr. is geared toward children ages 3 and 7 although all ages are welcome. Shabbat Jr is in-person only. Zoom is not available.

Shabbat Jr dates: 

December 10 March 25
January 14 April 8
February 18 May 13


Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyyar 5782