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Welcome to our Scrip Program

Increase your Tuition Rebate...

Tell a friend or relative all over the country to sign up, then tell Trudy who they are so we can link their rebates to your account. Tuition Rebate checks will be issued in the beginning of January. Our enrollment code for signing up is available by calling the office or contacting Trudy

Make shopping a Tzedakah Opportunity!

Use gift cards purchased through our scrip program and Har Shalom receives a % of the purchase at no cost to you.

Think one family can't make a difference? Look at the average for one family and imagine the contribution to Har Shalom if just half of our congregation families used scrip regularly - over $96,000 in just one year!

Think Scrip first when:


Grocery Shopping

Scrip can be used at stores including King Soopers, Safeway, Sprouts, Albertsons, Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods and Target. Click here for information on how to you use scrip when shopping for groceries. 


Shopping beyond Groceries

Shop With Scrip is your online 24hr source for scrip. Visit the website to see what's available before heading out the door (or online!) to shop. 

Scrip Basics Support Videos

Scrip Explained

Watch this video to learn how scrip fundraising can help your nonprofit, and stick around for the second half to learn about all the extra features on

My ScripWallet

Order physical gift cards, eGift cards, and reload your physical gift cards all on our mobile website, Check out with online payments (PrestoPay™) and you can redeem your eGift cards immediately and your ReloadNow orders will process instantly—perfect for earning on-the-go. Experience it today at

What is PrestoPay? PrestoPay FAQs

You can pay for your gift cards online with PrestoPay™. When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via ACH electronic debit. You won’t have to drop off­ any more checks!

How to order Scrip


Visit the Shop With Scrip website for new cards and ScripNow! purchases. Depending on the vendor, you may also reload some cards ordered through Har Shalom.


Set up a convenient monthly order. Using the Har Shalom Monthly Scrip Order form, you can set up a recurring monthly order for cards that you use every day. Orders are available the first of each month. 


From the Har Shalom Office. Call or come into the Har Shalom office during our regular business hours (9am-4pm, T-F). OR, use this handy online form

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