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HSPK Schedule Options & Tuition 2021/22

3 Mornings/week 8:30-11:30  $378/month 
4 Mornings/week 8:30-11:30  $428/month 
5 Mornings/week 8:30-11:30  $478/month 


Full Days:  
3 days/week 8:30-2:30 $662/month
4 days/week 8:30-2:30 $682/month
5 days/week 8:30-2:30 $702/month


Tuition Schedule for children signed-up for Aleph-Bet Club:

3 Full Days/week   $580/month
4 Full Days/week  $600/month
5 Full Days/week   $620/month


Other Fees:     
Pre-registration Fee  $50/year Due with pre-registration form
Jumpstart program for new students  $75 Due in August
Materials Fee  $150/year Due in 2 payments (Sept and Jan)
Specials Fee $108 Due in 2 payments (Sept and Jan)


Tuition is based on registration for the academic year. Tuition is payable in advance and due the first of each month August to May. Full tuition must be paid monthly regardless of school attendance.

Aleph Bet Club Schedule Options & Tuition

The Aleph Bet Club is an extended day enrichment program designed for the Shalomies! It is play-based with an inspiring curriculum filled with outdoor play, projects, games, free play, stories and cozying up in a teacher's lap when an extra hug is needed! The children will have a lot of fun learning Hebrew words associated with projects, as well as, universal Jewish values such as Friendship, Happiness, Caring for the world, Kind treatment to animals and more! *Aleph and Bet are the first two letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

The Aleph Bet Club Tuition Rates*
* Rates are per month

2:30 - 5:30pm
5 Days = $450
4 Days = $360
3 Days = $270

Scrip Rebate Program

Through Har Shalom's scrip program you can earn rebates that can be used towards tuition. Click here for more information!  

Fri, February 26 2021 14 Adar 5781