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Save with Your Tuition Rebate

Use Scrip gift cards at your favorite establishments and receive 60% of Har Shalom's profit back as a rebate towards your child's tuition. It is Har Shalom's way of financially supporting the value of your child's Jewish education. Contact for more information.

Youth Scholarships

Scholarships are available for Har Shalom members enrolling in any Religious School program. Our community feels it is very important that every student receives a Jewish education, even when financial times may be tough for the family.

If you feel you are able to donate to our scholarship fund, please contact or add a monthly amount to your child's registration form.

Scholarship requirements:

  • Be a current Har Shalom member-in-good-standing
  • Complete the scholarship application by September 15th
  • Sign up and start using our Scrip program by September 30th
  • Review and sign the Scholarship Shared Responsibility letter

Please note:

  • Scholarships do not cover snack and materials fees. 
  • Partial and full scholarships of up to 80% of Tuition are available.
  • You won't receive a scrip rebate as the money will be used towards your child's tuition.

We respect and value your family's privacy. The scholarship committee keeps your request confidential.

Scholarship Registration Form

Withdrawal Policy

We know life happens and have developed a withdrawal policy to keep us all on the same page. Tuition is based on a full school year. In order to maintain our budget and staff contracts, tuition credits are not given for holidays and personal absences.

If you have a unique attendance circumstance, please contact the School Director when registering to discuss. If you need to withdraw your child or teen, notify the School Director in writing. A written response is proof that the withdrawal request was received. Absence from the program is not confirmation of withdrawal.

Each family must pay full tuition through the end of the month that a withdrawal request is submitted. Withdrawal requests will not be accepted after October 1 of the current school year. If you have a unique attendance or withdrawal circumstance, please contact the School Director to discuss.

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