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Summer Camp FAQs

Welcome to Har Shalom Summer Camp! We are excited to have your family involved. It’s going to be an amazing summer experience for your child.

Should I bring sunscreen for my child?

  • Please apply sunscreen in the morning before bringing your child. If time runs out and you are unable to apply it, please notify your child’s counselor. Each child should will have an extra bottle stored at the school (see necessities). Counselors will apply extra sunscreen (if necessary) during the morning hours, but again specifically for the full day campers. 3rd to 4th grade campers will be allowed to apply their own sunscreen while counselors keep an eye on positive sunscreen application/coverage.

What if I’d like to sign my child up for another session after camp begins?

  • Talk to your child’s camp counselor to see if there is room in upcoming sessions, and if so, easily register online a second time.

Can I add afternoons if I’ve already registered for mornings only?

  • If there is room, absolutely!

Are there hidden fees or additional costs?

  • No. No worries there!

How will the counselors help children with transitions?

  • For all grades, each counselor will introduce a chime to the group. The children will have the opportunity to listen to the chime, learning and understanding its importance throughout the summer. When the counselor rings the chime the first time, it helps the children transition into listening. A few seconds later, the chime rings again and children are all listening. Counselors will share this effective practice with the children, helping them to learn and feel comforted by the chime.

Will the campers take field trips?

  • Due to using our time to the fullest, we will be bringing in teachers and guests to share experiences with the children onsite.

Is safe snack served?

  • We will serve gluten-free, nut-free and dairy free snacks both in the morning and afternoon. Counselors will have extra snacks handy in case a child absolutely does not enjoy the selection that day. Children will also be involved in creating snacks once a week.

Will challah be part of the program?

  • Since we end our week on Thursday, with Shabbat (the day for challah) on Friday, our campers will celebrate a different Jewish ritual on Monday mornings called, “Havdalah.” Havdalah is an acknowledgement of the separation of time generally completed at the end of Shabbat on Saturday evening. We will use our own Havdalah (in a very STEAM kind of way) to help share the transition of the weekend to camp on Monday morning.

My child is staying for the afternoon. What sack lunch items can be brought to camp?

  • Items that do not need to be microwaved
  • No nuts of any kind
  • No meat (tuna and fish are fine; no shellfish)
  • In researching and having conversations, we’ve found a safe and inclusive way to allow gluten and dairy items to be brought in lunches. If your child is allergic to gluten or dairy and will be staying for lunch, we will meet and specifically share how we will be doing this. Also, all the children will be involved in helping create a self-eating environment for their friends through awareness. Ideas of what to bring:


Camp will be primarily held in the Religious School building. We will use one entrance into the building; reached by walking through the outside white gate and through the Har Shalom yard. This entrance will be open 15 minutes before school begins or ends, and locked 15 minutes after school begins or ends. All other entrances will remain locked throughout the day with the alarm engaged. When the main Har Shalom sanctuary is in use by our campers and counselors, all entrances to the building will be locked. Outside play time will happen primarily on the north side of the grass space with the safety of the tall fences surrounding it.

All counselors are CPR/First Aid certified and will carry their cell phones for safety use only. Each counselor will be well-versed in the overall Har Shalom safety plan. First aid kits will be present in each room. Hand washing and the use of bleach-free cleaners will be used to keep a healthy and clean environment for our campers.

Only people designated in writing by the parents will be able to pick up children from camp. If your child is riding home with a friend, we will either need a written note or text from a parent/designated guardian’s cell phone number. If someone is picking up the child that the counselor does not know, that person will need to show a valid driver’s license.


Have a question you don’t see answered here? Email Brooke Fisher. Also, we will continue to update this page, so please check back frequently.

Thu, December 13 2018 5 Tevet 5779