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Learning Through Experience


Har Shalom Religious School considers Jewish learning an experience.

It’s about touching, tasting, asking, moving and connecting each of our students to their own personal Jewish journey. We have developed a curriculum that engages students in preschool through 7th grade through innovative Judaic, Hebrew, prayer, values-based and holiday camp-style learning. As your child grows, we continue together into the teen years through Hebrew High, Madrichim Work Enrichment & BBYO.

Gan/Ganon • Learning to Be MY Best Jewish Self

This is a very important year at Religious School for preschool and kindergarten students. For some of our young students, it is their very first introduction to synagogue life and Jewish teaching. It is also a time of self-awareness for each child, "What does it mean to be Jewish?" It is important that this is a very positive year to link children to their heritage, their synagogue and the beauty of being Jewish.

Class Alef • The Mitzvah of Family

In Gan, children embrace their individual importance in the Jewish community. Moving into first grade, the students can then embrace the importance of their own families in Judaism, making initial connections to their heritage, and the impact families have in Jewish teaching and culture.

Class Bet • The Mitzvah of Community

Recognizing the beauty of family in Jewish life was a very big part of first grade. Now entering second grade, students have the opportunity to build on that knowledge through learning about the Mitzvah of Community. As students also enter into the study of Shemot, they realize the impor- tance of learning to work together as a community while embracing what being a community really means.


Class Gimel • The Mitzvah of Israel

Third grade is an exciting year to connect to the culture of the Jewish people. Building on the connection being made to the community of Jewish people, Klal Israel, continues this year with the opportunity to also experience the people, society, history, places, events and culture that shape Eretz Israel.

Class Dalet • The Mitzvah of Klal Israel

Fourth grade is an exciting year for students. They begin attending Religious School both on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings with the reality of a future B’nai Mitzvah on the horizon. These students begin to recognize that they are part of Klal Israel, the community of Israel around the world, and that each student is uniquely important in creating Klal Israel.

Class Hay • The Mitzvah of Study

Fifth graders expand their knowledge through reflection of what they have learned so far moving into greater understanding. What is the tzedakah ladder? Who were the prophets? What qualities of God would I purchase if I were shopping? These questions are answered by the students as they delve into the excitement of study.

Class Vav • The Mitzvah of Change

Sixth grade is a year of change for our students. The awareness of self and the impact of growing up, combined with the opportunity to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah starts to become a very real experience. 6th grade shares a focus on learning the history of our people and the changes that we have all experienced as an evolving culture. The mitzvah of change occurs as each student develops and fosters his or her own ideas through study, discovery and experiential learning.

Class Zayin • B’nai Mitzvah year • Mitzvot in Action

During the B’nai Mitzvah year, 7th graders engage in text study, encouragement in developing their own ideas and the art of asking questions. Throughout the year, they learn and take mitzvot field trips through themes such as “The Body Mitzvah,” “The Truth of Advertising,” “The Mitzvah of Hospitality,” and “The Mitzvah of Remembering.”

Hebrew Learning • Overview all grades

Hebrew should be fun, encouraging and a positive experience. It must also be effective. Our unique program introduces songs and letter sounds in fun, meaningful ways to help students embrace the mystery and our preschool class, growing into the upper grades to introducing script letter writing/reading in 4th grade. By 6th grade, our students will also learning Gematria, numerical values and meaning related to words.

  • Alef-Bet Builders: Using creative mediums and manipulatives to build and recognize Hebrew letters
  • Oral Immersion: A program designed to introduce Hebrew speaking into the classroom beginning in preschool
  • Storybook Themes: “A Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “Goodnight Moon” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends” are being introduced in both English and Hebrew
  • Interactive games, writing activities and connection to Hebrew sounds, letters, words and phrases
  • Students will use interactive writing, reading and relating techniques to learn and embrace the Hebrew language throughout the year
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