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From the Rabbi

07/24/2017 08:14:47 PM


Parashat No’ah and coming out of hiding

10/15/2017 07:26:25 PM


It seems this year as though nature and our own inclination toward evil, our yetzer ha-ra, do battle with each trying to best the other in how much damage and destruction they can bring down on humanity. On the humanity-hurting-itself side, we have a mass shooting in Las Vegas and a horrific bombing in Somalia, a continuing civil-war in Syria with its mounting death toll and refugee generating machine to which humanity can on its score...Read more...

"On Happiness", Sukkot 5778

10/09/2017 01:07:02 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

With acknowledgements to the contributions of Rabbi Abraham Twerski and Dennis Prager

Did you ever wonder why we wish each other Hag Samei’ach, a happy holiday? Are we so unhappy most of the time that we hope at least on this day we will be happy? Most people think that if only they had enough they would be happy - enough money, enough respect, enough knowledge, enough time, enough skill, enough power.

Most nations...

Spread Over All of Us Your Sukkah of Peace

10/02/2017 05:40:39 PM


The Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the festival of Booths, begins Wednesday night, October 4, on the full moon, as the sun sets. On Sukkot we give expression to our vulnerability by dwelling in temporary shelters, which resemble those that protected our ancestors from the harsh sun as the wandered in the wilderness for forty years. On Sukkot we also express our thanks to our Creator for sustaining us through such hardship and for...Read more...

Appeal from the President of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas

09/24/2017 11:44:48 AM


For us today marks the beginning of a new year that we are privileged to spend together in comfort and hope.  For my former congregation and my friends in the Virgin Islands, Services have had to be cancelled and they are spending this day huddled in whatever shelter may have escaped the wrath of Hurricane Irma only to have her sister, Maria, arrive this morning with similar category five strength.

Thank you for caring and...

Concerns for my friends in the Virgin Islands

09/18/2017 09:04:47 AM


I am concerned about my friends in the Virgin Islands. They suffered a direct hit by the biggest Atlantic storm ever recorded, Hurricane Irma, an enormous storm in girth and packing sustained winds of 185 mph with gust far above that. I was hoping to take a congregational trip to the Caribbean and through Jewish history. Now, it seems appropriate that such a trip would involve some time helping locals restore some place of value that Irma...Read more...

Thu, October 19 2017 29 Tishrei 5778