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From the Rabbi

07/24/2017 08:14:47 PM


Seeing and Hearing

08/17/2017 12:04:31 PM


In this week’s Torah portion, Moses addresses us with some significant words. He says, “Re’eh, anochi notein lifneichem hayom beracha u-kelala - See, I place before you today blessing and curse. Blessing, if you hear the commandments of the Holy One your God which I enjoin upon you this day.

The first word, re’eh, “see”, is followed in the next sentence by the word tishme’u “hear”. This connection and contrast...Read more...

Happenings July 11

08/16/2017 07:22:48 AM


Israel!  Reflect Divine Light.  It fulfills Your Purpose!


It is a pleasure and privilege to finally be here at Har Shalom and beginning to discover what Fort Collins has to offer and uncover the treasures hidden within the members of Har Shalom. Our lives seems to come together in so many ways. My task as Intentional Interim Rabbi is to help the members of the Congregation and its leadership transition through a...Read more...

"Our World Rests on Two Endangered Ideas"

08/07/2017 12:22:38 PM


At Torah study recently, our group talked about Adolph Hitler's obsession with exterminating every last Jew on the planet.  Hitler stated his complaints about Jews and his aspirations quite clearly.  He said, "The Jew has inflicted two wounds on civilization: circumcision on the body and conscience on the soul."  "We reject the Pope and the rabbi; we want to be barbarians again."  Hitler wanted barbarism; he attempted to...Read more...

Happenings July 25

07/24/2017 08:13:57 PM


Tish’a Be-Av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, occurs this on Monday night and Tuesday, July 31 and August 1. This is the only other 24 hour fast from all food and drink in the Jewish year other than Yom Kippur.  It commemorates the destruction of both the first and second Temples the loss of Jewish sovereignty, the expulsion of Jews from England and Spain and a number of other disasters in Jewish history.  As a Jew who...Read more...

Happenings July 18, 2017

07/18/2017 01:36:02 PM


Our Synagogue is the place we come to pray in our beit tefilah (house of prayer), here we gather to study Torah and Jewish tradition in our beit midrash (house of study), we gather here to celebrate and commemorate holidays and the important times of our lives in our beit keneset (house of coming together). This week’s Torah reading Matot/Mas’ei provides us with another purpose for our Synagogue:

"You shall provide yourselves with...

Mon, August 21 2017 29 Av 5777