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From the Rabbi

01/22/2018 09:14:58 AM


This Pesach do not let negativity kill your inner spark

03/18/2018 08:00:35 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

This coming Shabbat marks Shabbat Ha-Gadol, the Great Shabbat that comes the week before Pesach. It reminds us of the urgency to prepare for Pesach. This week's Torah portion, Tzav, from Leviticus 6:5, guides us in one important way to prepare. We read there, "The flame of the Altar shall burn on it. Do not extinguish it."

Rabbi Abraham Twerski suggest that the antecedent for the original Hebrew of "on it," בו bo, is not the altar,...Read more...

Vayikra 5778 - "Inviting Back an Exiled God"

03/11/2018 05:06:50 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

To often in Jewish history, but not Jewish history alone, children become the victims of a generalized hate. That happened a few years ago in Toulouse, France, when three Jewish children and the father of two, Rabbi Jonathan died at the hands of a shooter, who then killed three French soldiers. The United States has witnessed another in a series of horrendous shooting attacks on a school in Parkland, Florida. More precious children were...Read more...

The Power of Shabbat

03/06/2018 09:39:29 AM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

The Torah tells us at the beginning of this week’s parasha in Exodus 35:1-2, “And Moses made a congregation of the whole Israelite community and said to them, ‘These are the things that Adonai has commanded you to do.  On six days you may work, but on the seventh day, you shall have a Shabbat of complete rest, holy to Adonai.’”

The Sefat Emet, Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Leib of Ger, interpreted that in the juxtaposition of...Read more...

February 27, 2018 

02/27/2018 01:17:11 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

So much in Happenings yet so few to do so little so often.      – PURIM SPOOF EDITION 

Despite the ins and outs of being part of a Jewish organization that aspires to be A Center for Jewish Living, IT IS INDEED GOOD TO BELONG. 

The same is true of being a rabbi. It can have many ups...Read more...

"Keeping our Lives Divinely Directed"

02/12/2018 01:58:43 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

In our Journeying Forward discussions, we have been sharing our ideas what Har Shalom, our Sanctuary where we come to connect with God and each other, should look like and what it should be for us. Our Torah portion for this week takes up that same question for the Israelites who had just left Egypt regarding the very first such Sanctuary. God says to Moses, “Speak to the Israelites that they take an offering for Me from each person whose...Read more...

Mon, March 19 2018 3 Nisan 5778