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From the Rabbi

01/22/2018 09:14:58 AM


Honoring non-Jewish Spouses and Parents

04/29/2018 07:27:01 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

It was with some trepidation that members of the Har Shalom family received my invitation to honor the non-Jewish spouses, partners and parents who support and facilitate Jewish enrichment of their Jewish family members, often participating in Jewish life events themselves.

Their doubts about the wisdom of such an honoring came out of their concern from this week’s Torah portion, a concern repeated in several places in the Torah,...Read more...


04/15/2018 09:29:31 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

This week, we celebrate a miracle perhaps greater that those that freed us from Egyptian bondage: the re-establishment of an independent Jewish State, the third Jewish Commonwealth, seventy years ago. A realization of the limited capacity of words to express our deepest connections, those between our God, our people, Israel and our land, Israel, shaped how Israel would celebrate 70 years as an independent state. Words alone simply do not...Read more...

"But What Should I Do?"

04/09/2018 09:49:59 PM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

Parashat Shemini, Vayika (Leviticus) 9:1 – 11:47
Ashkenazi Haftara, I Samuel 20:18 – 20:42
Sephardi Haftarah, II Samuel 6:1 – 6:19   

Most of us are well-intentioned people. We want to do the right thing, but often have to face the question, “Should I do what is right for me or what is right for others?” 

Sometimes the law, whether it is halacha (Jewish law) or civil law does not...Read more...

When will we figure out how to leave our slavery behind us?  

04/02/2018 09:05:43 AM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

The Haggadah instructs even the old and wise who know the story of the Exodus completely by heart to retell it year after year not because somehow they will tell the story with renewed flair and storytelling skills to the younger family members listening and not because they will see nuances in the story they did not see before, but because they themselves change year after year. They come to see the nuances they did not see only when they...Read more...

03/26/2018 11:04:39 AM


Rabbi Shimon Moch

Holiday times are times we spend with family. When death takes those closest to us, we feel their absence at the next holiday very profoundly and that feeling returns each year though softened by the passing of time. I had lost my first cousin on the eve of Pesach many years ago, then a dozen years later my father died between Purim and Pesach. I dreaded facing the approaching seder without them. Just when I needed it most, I happened to...Read more...

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