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Mission Statement

Har Shalom is a diverse and inclusive community committed to building a warm, vibrant, and creative Center for Jewish Living.

Vision Statement

Har Shalom is a Center for Jewish Living enriching members' spiritual, social, educational and ritual needs. Congregation Har Shalom is dedicated to effecting diverse and positive change in the Jewish community and the world as a whole.

Inclusion Statement

It takes diversity of thought, culture, background, perspective, identity, and experience to create a well-balanced and vibrant community. At Har Shalom, we are committed to welcoming, respecting, accepting, institutionally supporting, and valuing diverse identities and communities of people. We are a community of Jews by choice and Jews by Birth, LGBTQIA+ Jews, BIPOC Jews, interfaith and adoptive families, and Jews with differing physical abilities. Our community includes Jews from an array of ethnic and spiritual backgrounds who bring a richness to our spiritual life and programs. Har Shalom treasures our members, clergy, staff, friends and neighbors and is grateful for the rainbow of people who make our community whole.

Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783