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Congregation Har Shalom Center for Jewish Living is an active center of Jewish learning and worship in Northern Colorado. Har Shalom is an unaffiliated synagogue representing the varied backgrounds, affiliations and geographic origins of its members. We strive to blend the wisdom of various branches of Judaism in an accessible and meaningful manner. 

We believe in strong member participation, the equal honoring of men and women in ritual, respect for intermarried members, the use of inclusive language, an acceptance of differing sexual orientations, and an incorporation of the joy that comes from the deepest parts of our tradition. 

Always seeking to balance the mystical and the rational, the needs of the individual and the community, we reach out to embrace the gifts that each person brings to our midst. 

Har Shalom is always open to new members. For more information please contact our Membership Committee chair by email at

Membership Information

Congregation Har Shalom depends entirely on the financial support of our members and friends. Your pledge supports the congregation’s operational, educational, spiritual, social, ritual and life cycle needs.  In short, your pledge allows us to continue to be a vibrant, growing community and the foundation on which a meaningful Jewish identity is formed, celebrated, and passed on to the next generation. 

As a member, you are encouraged to contribute according to your financial ability. That is the essence of tzedakah––justice and righteousness––as our tradition teaches. Based on the number of member families and the total operational budget of Har Shalom, we estimate the cost to run the synagogue to be approximately $1,440 per member family (or $120 per month).

It is important not to view synagogue membership as a “fee for services rendered,” but rather as a means of supporting our community.  By insuring the future of our congregation through adequate financial support, we are doing our utmost to protect our Jewish future and presence in Northern Colorado for generations to come.

Membership Categories:

  • Regular: Includes all member benefits, including weekly email newsletter, voting privileges, membership directory, and discounts to programs and High Holidays.
  • Student: For traditional students, meaning those attending college locally who are still financially dependent on their parents; includes all member benefits.
  • Pathway to Judaism Membership: For those who are in the process of converting to Judaism. Conversion members are not voting members but receive all other member benefits.
  • Out of town Membership: For those who want to support Har Shalom but belong to other congregations, live out of town, have children at local colleges/universities, or are non-Jewish. Associate members are non-voting members but receive all other member benefits.


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Mon, June 21 2021 11 Tammuz 5781