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Helpful Information for Members

General Information

Welcome to Congregation Har Shalom's website! This site is much more than just a place to get information -- it's interactive.  You can donate, buy scrip, track your account information as a Har Shalom congregant and keep up with events all in the same place. Soon we will have a membership directory visible to logged in members, too!

Under the "Community" menu item, you can find information about upcoming events/happenings at CHS, groups, and you can access important forms like Scrip Order Form and Event Request Form.

Membership Login help

If you have not logged on, please do so. Here handy guide on how to set up login.

Your Profile

The link in your email should take you to a page where you will set your password. Once you are logged in, you will see a menu item called "Member".

Under "Member" select "My Profile" so you can update your personal information.

Please update information under "Personal" and "Contact Info" at a minimum.

My Account

From "My Account" you will see any other members who are in your family unit. The default address for the account is the primary person's contact information. You can change member information of all account members by selecting "Edit your family". You can switch primary/secondary designation and update member information.

Manage Members

You can manage the members of your family unit by select "Manage Members" menu option. The member's name is a link that takes you to that person's profile page. 

Manage Yahrzeits

Select the "Manage Yahrzeits" menu option to check and edit Yahrzeits  your family observes. Please check the Yahrzeits that are listed. It is possible that some Yahrzeits did not transfer over from our old system properly. We apologize for all errors.

You can add a Yahrzeit or modify an existing ones.

As with all of the Hebrew name fields, you can use Hebrew and/or English keyboard. To set the Hebrew date, first set English Date, then select "From English". You can select English Observance or uncheck it for Hebrew Observance. To add the mourner's name and relationship to the deceased, select that "Add" button and fill in the two fields. You do not need to say "of" -- just add the relationship and the mourner name, which should auto-fill as you start typing.

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