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The Cycle of Jewish Life

Congregation Har Shalom joyfully assists our members in celebrating life cycle events at all ages and stages. 

The Har Shalom community welcomes Jews of all backgrounds including interfaith families, singles, seniors, couples, single-parent and same-sex families, and Jews-by-Choice. We encourage meaningful participation by all and strive to create a sense of belonging. 

Birth - Brit Milah & Baby Naming

Naming a Jewish baby is a sacred ritual, a statement of who we hope he or she will be, but also a connection to Jewish heritage and lineage. Har Shalom celebrates new babies with special naming ceremonies to welcome them into the covenant and our community. 



Marriage is a keystone of Jewish life. The term for marriage, kiddushin, is derived from the Hebrew word for holiness. In Judaism, the marital union provides a way for us to experience holiness in our daily lives. 

For questions about Birth Ceremonies or Marriage, or to plan your event, contact Rabbi Finestone.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah (plural b'nei mitzvot) marks a milestone of Jewish development and an acknowledgment that our children stand at the threshold of adulthood. From the age of 13 (for boys) and 12 (for girls), youths are counted as adults in forming a minyan (a quorum of 10) for prayer services, can wear a tallit, and can be called to the Torah in fulfillment of the community’s obligation to learn Torah.

For more information about B'nai Mitzvah at Har Shalom, visit our Bar/Bat Mitzvah page

Death and Mourning - Chevra Kadisha

Chevra Kadisha (lit. “Holy Society”) of Northern Colorado is our community’s continuation of the ancient Jewish traditions of all things related to death and mourning.

Participation in the Chevra is open to anyone interested in taking part in these rituals. There are many ways to contribute to this holy work:

  • We provide education about end-of-life options, including medical directives, and information on Jewish burial customs. 
  • We advocate and provide support for families in planning decisions, both before and at the time of need.

Our members honor the deceased by performing Shmira (“guarding” or “keeping”), sitting with the deceased from soon after death until the time of burial; and Tahara, the ritual cleansing and dressing of the body.

We comfort and support the grieving family during the initial mourning period of Shiva (seven days of mourning after burial), and we continue that support at mourning milestones throughout the following year.  We also help ensure a minyan when needed for any community member wishing to observe a yahrzeit (anniversary of the death of a loved one).

We even sew our own traditional Jewish burial shrouds for members of the local community!

Chevra Kadisha of Northern Colorado, with its 100 volunteers, has the highest level of participation of any Jewish burial societies in the world.  All community members are welcome to participate in any of the above-named holy rituals that fit their desire and temperament.

For more information, contact Nina Rubin at 

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