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The Har Shalom Library has over 5,000 books, magazines and media items with selections for children and adults. Visit the Har Shalom library online

The Library is located in the basement of the sanctuary building and can be accessed via the stairs located near the kitchen.  The Library is open any time the synagogue is open; however, it is not staffed during business hours.

Library Policies and Procedures

Check Out Procedures 

Only members of Har Shalom may check out items from the Library.

Remove the book card from the pocket on the inside front cover, sign your name and the date of check out in the spaces provided on the book card, and file the card according to the first initial of the author's last name in the appropriate file box (Children's or Adult). 

All books are checked out on the honor system. Suggested length of time for check out is one month. We ask that any members who inadvertently lose or damage a book please donate the amount of the replacement cost.

Return Procedures

Items may be returned directly to the library and placed in the box marked "return books here" or returned in the "Library" slot in the foyer by the office.

Please DO NOT replace items on the shelves!! 

Card Catalog

The Library is catalogued according to the Weine system for Jewish libraries. It is based on the Dewey Decimal System and follows the Dewey subject headings very closely. 

The Card Catalog is located in the Library.  Cards are color-coded.  Yellow is  title cards and pink is author cards. Cards are notated with the location of the book in the upper right hand corner of the card.  A subject catalog may be found in a notebook by the "return books here" box.

Ways to Support the Library

Donate books! 

Most adult and juvenile books are obtained through donations. Some, but not all, children's books are purchased through the Religious School.

Donate money!!

The Library has a very limited budget and donations to the Har Shalom Library Fund are greatly appreciated. These donations will be used for book purchases, magazine and newspaper subscription renewals, capital improvements (shelving, magazine racks, etc.), and programming.  You may target your donation to a specific book purchase or library project.

Sydney Taylor Book Award Program 

Honor one of the B'nai Mitzvah students by making an $18 donation to the Har Shalom Library Fund for the Sydney Taylor Book Award program. This award is given by the Association of Jewish Libraries to recognize the best in current Jewish children's literature. Donations will enable us to purchase these outstanding books and so improve the quality of our library. Additions to this collection will be book-plated with the name of the honoree, the date of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and the name of the donor.

Donate time! 

Library volunteers are needed on either a one time only or ongoing basis. To volunteer, call the Har Shalom office at 223-5191 and leave a message for Judy Petersen, Library Director.

Library Programs

The Library offers programs in conjunction with the Religious School and for the community during Jewish Book Month (Cheshvan/November) and Jewish Genealogy Month (Nissan/April).  

Accelerated Reader (A.R.): Many of the children's and juvenile books are A.R. leveled and can be used to fulfill A.R. requirements in any elementary school in the Poudre School District.

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