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Virtual JEEP 2020 Registration 

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What does Virtual JEEP include?

  • $18/week subscription per family comes with:
    • Live 30 minute Zoom sessions every weekday at 11am
    • Craft box delivered to your porch on Sundays
      • Includes supplies for Tuesday & Wednesday activities! 

Summer 2020 Physical Camp Cancellation Letter

May 26, 2020

Dear JEEP Camp Families,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this letter. After reviewing the state guidelines released yesterday for day camps the Har Shalom Board and President Team has voted to cancel JEEP 2020. This was one of the hardest and saddest decisions to make at Har Shalom in the time of COVID-19. If you are interested in reading the guidelines yourself, please visit this link. The nature of our camp, with its unique programming and small staff, limits our ability to follow the guidelines without severely impacting the quality of JEEP. 

While we do not yet know exactly what it will look like, we will be offering a donation-based combination of live and pre-recorded activities as well as project boxes for pick-up. There is no way to virtually replace full-day, in-person JEEP Camp, but we hope to provide a taste of the JEEP experience at least a few times each week. 

Depending on how the guidelines evolve over the next months we may even be able to offer a smaller & shorter in-person camp, perhaps in August. I mention this not to make promises about what the summer could bring, but to offer hope that we will soon be together again as a JEEP community in-person at Har Shalom. 

We recognize the challenges this cancelation brings to our families. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us as we waited and waited again for state guidance. We will be fully refunding your deposits as well as any tuition you may have paid. If you would like to donate your deposit to help cover the expenses that go into preparing for camp please email by Friday, June 29th. 

To end, I would like to express my love for JEEP, our campers, and our Har Shalom community. I have had the joy of spending my year picking fun themes, planning amazing activities, and scheduling field trip adventures. Each step of the way I have imagined the laughter, friendships, growth,  and Jewish learning our campers would experience. Today would have been our first day of camp had COVID-19 not come around. It sure would have been a whole lot of fun. 

I will end with the lyrics of our closing song at JEEP:

Be strong, let us strengthen one another. 

Be strong, let us celebrate our lives.
Chazak, chazak, v’nitchazeik. 



Addie Cutler

JEEP Camp Director

Who are we?

Addie Cutler, Camp Director

This is Addie's third summer with JEEP Camp so you may recognize her as a counselor from last summer or as the Assistant Director for Har Shalom Religious School! This summer she will be the on-site director and can't wait to continue connecting with the JEEP community.

Addie's camper background includes many day & overnight camps attended as a child. As an adult she has spent two summers working at JEEP she two summers with URJ Camp Kalsman in Washington State. With a degree in Nutrition & Food Science from CSU and lots of experience with childhood nutrition, Addie is most excited to revamp snack time and get the campers cooking some traditional Jewish recipes! 

Wed, November 25 2020 9 Kislev 5781