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L’dor V’dor • The Value of Jewish Education

Har Shalom was started many years ago by strong, creative individuals who wanted to ensure that children would receive a positive Jewish education experience throughout the generations. We continue that goal each year, placing a strong emphasis on an interactive educational experience and the importance of building community together.

Registration Information

Registration for Religious School is available throughout the school year
  • The following forms must be submitted before a student may begin attending any Religious School classes:
  • If you are new to Har Shalom, an account will be set up within 5-7 business days after your *Student Registration Form has been receivedOnce your account is established, you will need to submit the *HSRS Financial Agreement.
  • Current CHS Account holders are encouraged to login to their CHS Account to register for Religious School.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees are due no later than the 15th of each month when school is in session. 

Grades K through 3

Sunday Morning Religious School Tuition & Fees: $61 tuition + $12 materials + $7 security fee = $80/month*

Grades 4 through 7

Sun. Morning / Wed. Evening Religious School Tuition & Fees: $74 tuition + $20 materials + $12 security fee = $106/month*

If registering later in the school year, Tuition & Fees will be adjusted by the monthly rate (x) the remaining months of the school year.

As of September 13, 2018, families with children in grades pre-K through 5 may enroll their children in the CHS Religious School as non-members for a maximum of two years at the non-member tuition rate (additional $20/month for the 2019-2020 school year). Tuition & Fees are due no later than the 15th of each month when school is in session. 

Withdrawal Policy

We know life happens and have developed a withdrawal policy to keep us all on the same page. Tuition is based on a full school year. In order to maintain our budget and staff contracts, tuition credits are not given for holidays and personal absences.

If you have a unique attendance circumstance, please contact the School Director when registering to discuss. If you need to withdraw your child or teen, notify the School Director in writing. A written response is proof that the withdrawal request was received. Absence from the program is not confirmation of withdrawal.

Each family must pay full tuition through the end of the month that a withdrawal request is submitted. Withdrawal requests will not be accepted after October 1 of the current school year. If you have a unique attendance or withdrawal circumstance, please contact the School Director to discuss.

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