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Fundraising at Har Shalom

Har Shalom 20/20

Har Shalom 2020 is the next step in our continued growth to live, strengthen, and celebrate our commitment as a true Center for Jewish Living. We continually strive to be a welcoming, spiritually engaged and thriving community; dedicated to values and the betterment of our world. With your support and feedback, our Har Shalom Board approved the recommendation our strategic planning committee as critical first steps toward that vision.

This plan requires a financial bridge to the year 2020, and collectively we make our future possible by contributing to a campaign to raise $150,000. This money provides the seed funding to cover our increased costs until the financial benefits of our plan are blossoming and self-supporting. 

In two short months, we are two-thirds of the way to our goal, and now is our time to work together to reach the top. We've had an incredible and inspiring response so far but we're not done yet. Help us reach our goal​! Our dream would be 100% participation to bring about our next step in the life of Har Shalom!

Support Har Shalom 20/20 and donate now!

Mon, July 23 2018 11 Av 5778