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Religious School Registration 2017-2018

Family Information

Primary Residence

Secondary Residence (if applicable)

Parents as Partners

You know your child best. We rely on you to communicate with us any needs that your child or teen has in relation to Religious School. In addition, if difficult life events arise that can impact your child's time at Religious School, please let us know so we can provide better support.

If you have concerns, please feel free to contact your child's teacher or the Youth Education Director directly. Sharing good news with your child's teacher and the Director is also highly valued. Implementing a positive program to help children connect in our community is a big job that we love and take very seriously. Thank you for partnering with us to make this an amazing year.

Volunteering is Vital (and Fun!)

Since Har Shalom relies so heavily upon parental involvement and support, we expect that parents volunteer time each year. We love and appreciate our volunteers, and volunteering is a great way to stay connected to our awesome community of teachers, students, spiritual leaders, and other parents.

Volunteering can take many forms. The most obvious is to sign up with your child’s classroom teacher and just spend a little time in your own child’s class! We also need parents to plan social action projects and events; organize and supervise fundraising; chaperone field trips; serve on the Education Committee; and more!


The following releases cover all your children. To make individual exceptions, please contact the Director.

Photo Release for 2017-2018

Permanent Release for 2017-2018

Fieldtrips & Excursions

(Field trips are most often for 3rd grade and up.)

Emergency Information

Payment Information

You can find tuition detail here. Please select billing options below. 

Scholarship Fund Contribution

Scroll down, choose "Religious School Scholarship" and enter an amount. Please indicate if you'd like to make a repeating, monthly donation. Thank you!


Withdrawal Policy

We know life happens and have developed a withdrawal policy to keep us all on the same page. Tuition is based on a full school year. In order to maintain our budget and staff contracts, tuition credits are not given for holidays and personal absences. If you have a unique attendance circumstance, please contact the Youth Education Director when registering to discuss. If you need to withdraw your child or teen, notify the Youth Educator Director in writing. A written response is proof that the withdrawal request was received. Absence from the program is not confirmation of withdrawal. Each family must pay full tuition through the end of the month that a withdrawal request is submitted. Withdrawal requests will not be accepted after October 1 of the current school year. If you have a unique attendance or withdrawal circumstance, please contact the Youth Education Director to discuss.

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