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Membership Application

  • Regular Membership: Includes all member benefits, including weekly e-newsletter, voting privileges, inclusion in the membership directory, and member discounts to programs and High Holidays.  Recommended pledge is 2% of your annual income.
  • Preschool Family Membership: For those with children enrolled in preschool; includes all member benefits. Recommended pledge is 1% of your annual income, minimum $360 per year.
  • Associate Membership: For those who are in the process of converting to Judaism. Associates are not voting members but receive all other member benefits.  Recommended pledge is 1% of your annual income, minimum $360 per year.
  • Student Membership: For traditional students, meaning those attending college locally who are still financially dependent on their parents.  Recommended Pledge is $72 annually and includes all member benefits.
  • Friends of Har Shalom: For those individuals/families who want to support Har Shalom and belong to other congregations, live out of town, have children at local colleges/universities, or are non-Jewish and not on a declared path to conversion. "Friends of Har Shalom" receive all other Regular Membership benefits except for voting privileges. Recommended pledge is 1% of your income, minimum $360 per year.

This amount will be pro-rated to start the month following your membership approval.

Mon, July 23 2018 11 Av 5778