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Congregation Har Shalom Food Policy

adopted by Board of Directors, December 2011

The Har Shalom campus is to be dairy/parve(neutral) and all food prepared, served, eaten or stored anywhere on the campus are also to be dairy/parve.

Additional clarifications:

  • On-campus events such as B'nai Mitzvah and fund raising events will adhere to the Har Shalom campus policy
  • Har Shalom sponsored off-campus events
    • Catered events – Food is to be dairy/parve or meat/parve with a vegetarian option. If meat is served, dairy items will be separated from the meat items and labeled as "dairy." We will not serve any treif (seafood or pork).
    • Non-catered events in public space (parks, etc) including potlucks (e.g. tashlich), where food is shared, will adhere to Har Shalom campus policy
    • Events in private homes – Host is encouraged to communicate their personal food policy to their guests
    • Private parties and events hosted by Har Shalom congregants do not require adherence to the Har Shalom food policy.
    • Labeling ingredients for Har Shalom potlucks – In order to accommodate various food preferences and needs, we suggest labeling all dishes. These labels can include dairy-free, vegan, rennet-free, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.
    • Cheese with rennet will be allowed


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