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Event Planning

If you are organizing or hosting an event at Har Shalom, please email the office to verify that the event date is available before you begin planning.

After you have verified that the date is open, contact a board member to approve your event. Once the date has been approved by a board member or the full board, depending on the event, complete the online Event Planning Form.

Please Note: The Event Planning Form is required whether or not the event will be held at the CHS. We use the information on the form for updating our calendar and advertising in Happenings.

Depending on the type of event, you may be contacted by facilities staff for more information. To demonstrate how you want tables and chairs set up, use the sanctuary seating chart.

Questions? Either email or call the Har Shalom office.

Food Policy Reminder

Adopted by the Board of Directors, December 2011

The Har Shalom campus is to be dairy/parve(neutral) and all food prepared, served, eaten or stored anywhere on campus are to be dairy/parve.

Additional clarifications:

  • On-campus events such as B'nai Mitzvah and fund raising events will adhere to the Har Shalom campus policy
  • Har Shalom sponsored off-campus events
    • Catered events – Food is to be dairy/parve or meat/parve with a vegetarian option. If meat is served, dairy items will be separated from the meat items and labeled as "dairy." We will not serve any treif (seafood or pork).
    • Non-catered events in public space (parks, etc) including potlucks (e.g. tashlich), where food is shared, will adhere to Har Shalom campus policy
    • Events in private homes – Host is encouraged to communicate their personal food policy to their guests
    • Private parties and events hosted by Har Shalom members do not require adherence to the Har Shalom food policy.
    • Labeling ingredients for Har Shalom potlucks – In order to accommodate various food preferences and needs, we suggest labeling all dishes. These labels can include dairy-free, vegan, rennet-free, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.
    • Cheese with rennet will be allowed

To view as pdf, click here.

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