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February 26

There is so much happening at Har Shalom that it is hard to find dates and rooms for all of the activities.  Hamentashen is being baked, classes being held, committees are meeting, staff are being trained in fire safety, our young ones are being educated, 7th graders cooked and served their annual Hospitality Dinner, preschool and summer camp registrations are open, and we are laughing (Laughter Yoga), meditating, and davening to keep us balanced. 

Coming up we have Purim spiels and Megillah chapters, reading Jewish plays, hearing about ghosts and dybbuks, interviewing ED candidates, b'nai mitzvah, our annual fundraiser, Whew!  It is hard to imagine a more active and vibrant Jewish community -- but even more can be planned with the help of you, our members.  Whatever it takes, we will find a date and room for anything you want to organize!  

One thing that concerns me is how few people sign up for some of the activities, but then more people show up at the event who have not registered. This makes it hard for event leaders to plan and for them to contact people if we have a weather-related cancellation.  But we definitely want people to come!

Heather from our office staff and I are putting our heads together on how to get more people to log-in to their account on the web site and sign up that way.  It is much easier and you don't have to enter the same stuff over and over again as you attend multiple events.  

Do you have ideas on how we can improve our automated registration process?  Solutions must be through the website, not calling the office, since our staff are stretched to answer the calls we already receive.  Just send your suggestions to  Heather and I will do a refresher in a future Executive Director's Corner on how to set up your account and log in.  

Until next week.

Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780