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January 29

We have finished our first week without Angel and have only had to contact her once for information! This week has been busy with meetings with staff, dealing with facilities issues, and learning the office routines and systems.

The Executive Director Search Committee is busy working on updating the job description, and will be meeting this week to plan for screening applications and interviewing candidates. The position should be posted by the time you get this issue of Happenings.  Please remember to encourage anyone you think would be a good prospect and is interested to apply. In addition to posting on job sites for job seekers, we will have the same information on our web site so people can be referred also to:

The new fence between the main building and the preschool is installed! It still needs a few finishing touches, but what a difference it makes. Take a look next time you come by Har Shalom.

Don’t forget you can call me at Har Shalom 223-5191 or email me at with any questions or suggestions you have. 

Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780