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January 20

By now you should have heard that I am coming  out of retirement to partner with our Board Treasurer, Tara Morton, to cover any necessary duties of the Executive Director (ED) until a new ED is hired and trained. Tara will be covering the financial duties and I will cover the non-financial administrative duties. I have worked with Angel on cross-training me in her final days at Har Shalom.  Working with her has helped me to hit the ground running with on-going projects, and to better understand the routine of the office and ED job.

This week's priorities include:

  • Setting up schedules for part-time office hours when Tara or I will be available at the Har Shalom office. Our schedules will be posted on the office door at Har Shalom. As your Interim ED's, we encourage you to contact us with any ideas, concerns, or support you may have for this transition. You can leave a message at Har Shalom, email us at or reach us through our contact information in the Har Shalom directory. 
  • Working on the final office support for the Aloha Har Shalom event on Saturday, January 26th, starting at 5:30 p.m.  I hope everyone will attend and enjoy this tropical-themed event to officially welcome Rabbi Finestone, provide input on our future needs, and enjoy food and social time with our community.
  • Most importantly, providing support to the Executive Director Search Committee and posting the position.  The Search Committee has met, reviewed, and revised the posting and job description documents, and plans for the position to be officially open for applications by the end of this week.  Watch for additional information in email or Happenings.  Please remember that the way we get the best applicants is word of mouth, which is how we found Angel Hoffman, our first ED.  We will also be posting on job sites that were successful in our last ED search.

Special thanks to Greg Herman and Courtney Jahn, our Interim Co-Presidents of the Board for covering the Board President duties while I take a leave of absence from Board President to serve you in this new role.

Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780