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Events at Har Shalom

Planning an event for the Har Shalom community? Simply follow the guidelines below to ensure that your event is a success! 

The first step is to check the website calendar to verify that the date you are requesting is available. Once verified, please complete one of the following: 

After the event has been added to the calendar, you'll receive an email confirmation. If you have any questions, please contact the CHS Office

Please note: If you initially submit a Save the Date Form, you will need to submit the Event Form prior to your event being advertised in Happenings or on the website and open for registration.

Event Registration and Financial Information

If you indicated on the Event Form that there will either be participant registration and/or expenses associated with your event, please include the following information. 

  • RSVP/Ticket cost(s)
  • Anticipated expense amount and where expenses will be charged
  • Will childcare be offered? What is the cost to attendees? (Keep in mind that the cost for childcare is $10 – 15/hour per and that finding babysitters is the responsibility of the event planner).
  • Will RSVP’s be taken only in advance or will guests be able to register at the door? In other words, will cash and/or credit card machines be needed at the event.

RSVP will not be opened until registration and expense information has been provided unless there is no charge or expense for the event.

Promoting your Event

Promotion is an important aspect of planning a successful event. We recommend that you submit a 'save the date type' of notice to Happenings when the date is confirmed - but no more than 60 days prior to event. Depending on the size of the event, full details and RSVP (if applicable) should be advertised at least 30 days prior. The information for Happenings should be publication ready when submitted. 


If you indicated on the Event Form that will require assistance from the Facilities staff to help set up for your event, please contact the office at least 3 weeks prior to your event to confirm the details. 

Please note: Facilities staff do not regularly work Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or evenings. Requests for setup or cleanup help on off hours will be an added expense of $15/hour to the event.

When feasible, Facilities will accommodate arrangements for off-hour events during regular office hours at no charge. In other words, if it is a Tuesday evening event and it's possible to set up for it during the day, it will be done. 

Kitchen: Unless you specifically hire some one to do it, cleaning the kitchen after any event is the responsibility of the event holder. In all cases, the kitchen should be cleaned and dishwasher started prior to your leaving the Event. It is not the responsibility of the Facilities staff to handle kitchen cleaning at any time. Please review the Facilities guidelines for cleaning up after your event.

Room layout: Synagogue Seating Chart

Food Policy Reminder

The Har Shalom campus is dairy/parve(neutral) and vegetarian. All food prepared, served, eaten or stored anywhere on campus is dairy/parve. Cheese with rennet is allowed. All events held at Har Shalom should adhere to this policy.

We encourage labeling all ingredients for dished brought to Har Shalom potlucks - these labels can include dairy-free, vegan, rennet-free, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.

Har Shalom sponsored off-campus events:

  • Catered events – Food is to be dairy/parve or meat/parve with a vegetarian option. If meat is served, dairy items will be separated from the meat items and labeled as "dairy." We will not serve any treif (seafood or pork).
  • Non-catered events in public space (parks, etc) including potlucks (e.g. tashlich), where food is shared, will adhere to Har Shalom campus policy
  • Events in private homes – Host is encouraged to communicate their personal food policy to their guests. They do not require adherence to the Har Shalom food policy.
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