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Adult Education

Informal Conversational Hebrew Class

Wednesdays, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Join us whenever you can for informal conversational Hebrew! Feel free to bring a friend and/or some examples of modern Hebrew to share and discuss (e.g. Songs, poems, your own writing, excerpts from books, children's books). No need to RSVP, but contact the teacher, Madi Lapidot, if you have any questions.

Beginning Hebrew Classes

Learn to read and decode the Hebrew letters, understand word structures and learn vocabulary most commonly found in the Torah and the prayer book. No experience required. Classes will meet weekly on Tuesdays from 6-7pm. $10/class - financial assistance available. Textbook is required. Contact Beth Hammer for information.

Reading Between the Lines: Midrash in Translation 

Monday Evenings (monthly), 7:15 – 8:30 pm

Feb. 25, Mar. 18, Apr. 29, May 20

What happened after Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden? What did Isaac and Abraham talk about during that long walk to the mountain? How did Moses spend his days as a young man in Pharaoh’s palace? And why should any of it matter?

Midrash, from the word “Lidrosh,” to seek out, is a genre of Jewish literature written over the span of many centuries, from the first century to our present day. Midrash looks at the Biblical text, and seeks to explain, expound, explore, and discover new meanings and insights. The Midrash attempts to connect the Biblical narrative or passage to critical messages about politics, ethics, and history, in moving passages that bring together guidance, insight, and comfort.

We will look at several passages from collections of Midrash from the second to the tenth century, and will explore the messages of these ancient texts for our time. We will also look at modern Midrash, and try our own hand at creating this wonderful form of Jewish literature. (There is no fee for this class for members; non-members fee = $10/class).

Instructor: Rabbi Sally Finestone
Fee: CHS Members - Free; Non-members - $80

Pathways to Judaism 

Tuesday evenings (weekly), 7:15-8:30 pm

Feb. 5, 12, 26; Mar. 5, 12, 19; Apr. 2, 9, 16; May 7, 14

This program is an intensive 20-session course designed for people considering conversion to Judaism, or for adult Jews who would like a refresher course on the core beliefs, practices, and history of our people. The course is designed to open the world of Jewish tradition and understanding to those who have little or no background. (There is no fee for this class for members; non-members $10 per class).

Instructor: Rabbi Sally Finestone
Fee: CHS Members - Free; Non-Members $200

Nevi’im: The Prophets of the Hebrew Bible

Wednesday evenings (monthly), 7:00-8:30 pm

Feb. 13, Mar. 13, Apr. 10, May 15

We always study Torah, the first part of the Hebrew Bible, but we often overlook the other parts of our Hebrew Bible. In this monthly class, we’ll take a close look at both the great and the minor Prophets, the beauty of their writings, the history of their time, and how their words still resonant with us today.

Instructor: Rabbi Hillel Katzir
Fee: $70

Discovering the Women’s Torah

Thursday evenings (6 sessions), 7:00-8:30

Feb. 7, Mar. 7, Apr. 4

Throughout the Bible there are clues that suggest a special power possessed by the women. There are also passages that suggest a separate body of knowledge and perhaps even a separate community. The different roles and nature of men and women would have created very different needs. The Hebrew Bible is actually a record of the men’s community; the women, with their different spiritual nature, had a separate Torah. The Women’s Torah may have been oral, written, or simply lived, but whatever its original form, we no longer have a access to that knowledge. We are left with the hints and clues in the remaining texts. The class will explore those texts to better understand and rediscover the Women’s Torah. 

Instructor: Nina Rubin
Fee: $60

Wed, June 19 2019 16 Sivan 5779