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About Us

In 1975, a handful of local families founded a religious school for Jewish children, and became known as the Fort Collins Jewish Community. In 1982, we became officially known as Congregation Har Shalom (CHS), and for many years we were the only center of Jewish life between Greeley, CO and Cheyenne, WY.

The congregation met for seven years in the homes of members, and in 1982 our present facility was built and dedicated at 725 West Drake Road in Fort Collins.

Today, Congregation Har Shalom is an active center of Jewish learning and worship, serving all of Northern Colorado. Choosing not to affiliate  with a specific denomination of Judaism, we serve a wide diversity of spiritual paths. Our synagogue membership of 200+ families represents a rainbow spectrum of Jews from varied affiliations and geographical origins.

Our congregation strives to blend elements of traditional Jewish ritual with a personal and open style of worship.  Each family is provided the opportunity to experience meaningful involvement at many levels and in many areas of interest.  

Congregation Har Shalom is a vibrant and active community!  There are many religious, educational, social and community service-oriented activities scheduled throughout the year. Our Montessori-inspired preschool welcomes young students from the entire Fort Collins community and our Religious School engages 100+ students in learning and comradery.

We look forward to the coming years with a sense of purpose for our place in Northern Colorado.

Vision Statement

Congregation Har Shalom is a Center for Jewish Living enriching members' spiritual, social, educational and ritual needs. Congregation Har Shalom is dedicated to effecting diverse and positive change in the Jewish community and the world as a whole.

Mission Statement

Congregation Har Shalom is a diverse and inclusive community committed to building a warm, vibrant, and creative Center for Jewish Living.

Thu, October 6 2022 11 Tishrei 5783